Jar of Dario Cecchini Profumo Del Chianti seasoned salt .

Salt Blend "Profumo Del Chianti" (Italy) - Large Jar

Dario Cecchini
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From the most famous butcher in Italy (and possibly the world), we bring you Dario Cecchini's Chianti salt!  Located in Chianti, Tuscany and known by his red clogs, Dario is known, loved and respected by his peers as well as customers world-wide.

Officially called "Profumo del Chianti" or Tuscan seasoning, this salt is the essence of Tuscany.  Made of very fine sea salt with a mixture of sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, fennel flower, juniper, and bay leaf which he personally dose and grind. 

Traditionally, salt was very expensive and to save money our farmers “cut” it with aromatic, perfumed and digestive herbs.  This has the effect of the flavor and health of the herbs with much less salt.  Ancient savings become a benefit.

Essence of Chianti is great on all types of dishes.  Use it to salt steak after grilling it, sprinkle on toast along with extra-virgin olive oil.  This is your new food memory.

Keep at room temperature.  Once opened, keep in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients:  sea salt, dried thyme, dried sage, dried green pepper, dried coriander, dried juniper, dried wild fennel, dried rosemary and dried lavender.

Weight:  220 g / 7.86 oz (large)