Mieli Thun Honey


Miel Thun Honey, Thun (Trento), Italy

“Respected by Gaggenau”, the luxury kitchen appliance company based in Europe, has just come out with their 2021 nominees for exceptional craftspeople and farmers who pursue quality over quantity.  On that very-short list is Andrea Paternoster of Mieli Thun in Italy.

Sadly, due to a tragic accident, Andrea is now with the bees, but his daughters are continuing his legacy as nomadic beekeepers who specializes in mono-flora honeys.  

In Italy, Andrea had rock star status amongst chefs because of the subtle and not so subtle nuances in each flavor of honey.  But, make no mistake, there were no flavors added.  He spoke bee and was able to train his bees to specifically go to one flower only, whether it was dandelion, rhododendron, artichoke, coriander and so many more.  He was passionate about honey in cuisine and using it in unexpected ways.  It was like he was thinking about every taste bud and every bite.  He was truly remarkable. 

Each species of flower is from a specific place, depending on the terroir, the climate, and the composition of the soil.  Because of this, Mieli Thun honeys take on so many different colors, textures, and flavors.  They and the bees make at least 60 stops in Italy during a single year, considering the bees’ life cycle, so they move only by night, when the hive is asleep.

My favorite, and our most popular jar, is a combination of Italian hazelnut paste (from Pariani another one of our producers) and acacia honey called Piunocciocream (we’ll just call it hazelnut cream).  It’s like a liquid Sugar Daddy, but better, and healthier! 

Don’t get us wrong, we love local honey.  But we think Mieli Thun is so special and unlike anything you can find, anywhere.  I should know, I’ve met Andrea and have been to Mieli Thun.  I even donned a suite to visit with his bees!!!  It was an amazing experience.  I think you will find his honeys to be an amazing experience as well. 

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