Savini Tartufi

Savini Tartufi, Montarelli (Pisa), Italy

Located in the heart Pisa, Tuscany, Savini made history back in 2007 by selling the most expensive white truffle on record for a whopping $330,000. So, it's fair to say they know something about truffles, especially white truffles.

For more almost 100 years, the Savini family have been hunting truffles.  Now into their 4th generation, they still hunt truffles the same way, with their trusty truffle dog.  And they still do tours.

Not all truffle products are created equal, especially with oils.  Don’t be fooled by supermarket brands that rely upon synthetic truffle aroma and inferior ingredients in their products, making their prices ridiculously low.  You can be confident that any product with their name on it, lives up to their standards.