De Carlo Olive Oil

Olio De Carlo, Puglia, Italy

The De Carlo family has been producing olive oil in Puglia, the boot of Italy, for over 400 years.  Located in the ancient village of Bitritto; their farm is in the historic zone of Terre di Bari.  The family is dedicated to only producing exceptional extra virgin olive oils (primarily Coratina and Ogliarola varietals), as well as preserved vegetables and hand-made tarallini crackers.   

While their entire operation is organic, only a few products are certified, as the cost of certifying and the required organic packaging seal is expensive for export. 

Their products speak for themselves; you can taste their passion in every bite.  They also are vigorous supporters of a business policy based on benefits of the short chain, and on zero-impact production in harmony with the environment.

They are the real deal.  In the first chapter of Tom Mueller’s ground-breaking book on olive oil “Extravirginity – The sublime and scandalous world of olive oil”, he says “for the De Carlo family, making a good oil involves hard work, determination, dexterity and a certain amount of poetry”.  They have won countless awards, none more prestigious than a smaller lesser known, but industry respected, organization Flos Olei.

With Puglia producing about 40% of ALL Italian olive oil with 60,000,000 trees, De Carlo’s farm is just a tiny fraction of that at about 25,000 trees on 250 acres.  Some of De Carlo’s trees go back centuries.   And, indeed, these trees are the symbol of Puglia.  Thick nodous trunks and deep roots.

These oils have history and character, and a story you can taste and going back for more.