Paella (Light)


Serves 4 - approx 60 minutes including prep (actual cooking time about 28 minutes)

250 gr   Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice (small can)*

3+ c      Chicken Stock (or diluted D’artagnan demi glace*)

12 oz    Despaña Chistorra chorizo (sliced into 1/2" coins)*

1 c        Frozen Peas

1 small  diced yellow onion (approx. ½ cup) or shallot (1/4 cup) o

2 T         olive oil, good quality*

1/2 c       red or dry white wine*

1 t          Santo Domingo Smoked Sweet Pimentón de la Vera (Spanish Paprika)*

1 jar       Burlap & Barrel Saffron* (if doubling, ok to still use 1 jar)

¼ c        loosely packed chopped Italian parsley

2 T         butter*

Salt and Pepper to taste*

*item available at Food Shed Idaho

Bring your stock to a boil, add saffron, then shut off to infuse.  

Sauté onion in olive oil.  Add paprika, 1/3 of the chorizo, and rice, until coated.  Add wine and reduce to dry. 

Add 1 cup stock (use a fine strainer so that the saffron threads are removed), stir, cover, and reduce to simmer for about 8 minutes, until stock is absorbed but not dry.

Stir and add another cup of stock.  Add approximately 1/4 teaspoon salt for seasoning.  (Remove a grain of rice to check for doneness; it will be hard and not ready).  Return to a simmer and cover for about 8 minutes, until stock is absorbed but not dry.  

Add the rest of the chorizo (for texture and flavor) and stock.  Test rice grain for doneness and correct your salt and pepper.  Add more liquid if necessary.  Return to a simmer and cover for another 8 minutes. The rice should be creamy, not soupy, or dry. 

Remove from heat, add butter, parsley, and peas.  Stir, cover, and rest for 5 minutes; the rice will continue to cook resulting in no more white dots in the rice. 


  • Because this rice is aged, you do NOT need to toast the rice (which is done to encapsulate the grain and make it less starchy). This rice also reheats well.
  • Make sure that all rice kernels are submerged and not leftover on the spoon or on the side of the pan, which could result in an uncooked kernel cracking a tooth.
  • Test rice grain for doneness by crushing it on the back of the spoon with your finger. Do this a few times thru out cooking so you can gauge when rice is done.  Rice is ready to remove from heat when there is a small chain of about 5-6 white dots.