Koda Farms Rice

Koda Farms, Dos Palos, California

The Koda family owns, and exclusively grows their original organic “Kokuho Rose” heirloom rice.  They have complete control over the seed program, harvesting, processing, and packaging.  Their rice is vacuumed packed to ensure freshness, certified organic & kosher giving authenticity & transparency to every step, every kernel.

What makes this rice even more remarkable is the inspiring story behind it.  Koda Farms is the oldest family owned and operated rice farm in California.  Now run by siblings Ross and Robin, their grandfather started this farm in 1928.  It was all but taken away during WWII while the family was put in an internment camp.  When the war was over, 90% of their land, all the equipment and the mill had been sold off.  Still, the family persevered creating an extraordinary brand. 

Koda Farms organic heirloom Kokuho Rose rice is the rice of your dreams - fluffy, fragrant, toothsome, sweet, slightly sticky and tacky.  It’s perfect for sushi, but also for every day.  You might be familiar with commodity Kokuho Rose rice which is derived from a strain of Koda rice (from the Koda family), but it’s not the same as their heirloom varietal.

Having visited the farm & met the Kodas, I feel honored to carry their rice.  Not surprising, it just seems that when we have a connection with food, it just tastes better.  This rice is sublime. 


The legacy of California rice farming at Koda Farms - YouTube