Pasta Mancini

Pasta Mancini, Marche, Italy

Can you believe this is really the farm and factory (upper left, long flat building) of a pasta company?  These are the beautiful rolling hills of Marche, Italy.  The factory blends into the landscape by design.  This is truly estate grown pasta.

The producer is Pasta Mancini. You probably aren't familiar with them; they have only recently become available in the US.  Pasta Mancini is totally unique.  So much so that they have been nominated for 2021 as a “Respected by Gaggenau” shortlist producer.  Gaggenau, the luxury kitchen appliance company annually recognizes exceptional craftspeople and farms who pursue quality over quantity.  This is no small feat, as they only nominate a handful of producers a year.  (Also, on this shortlist this year, our friends at Mieli Thun honey.)

Mancini Pastificio Agricolo produces pasta exclusively with the durum wheat that they grow and harvest annually in the heart of Le Marche region, Italy.  Resulting in a “seasonal” product reflective of each year’s agricultural conditions.  They are involved in every aspect of growing, from seed selection, crop rotation, soil nutrition, eco-friendly weed control and disease prevention.

They harvest wheat once a year, only when it naturally reaches its full maturity and the right content of humidity, suitable for its storage.  Once the wheat is harvested, it’s cleaned, and stored in a dedicated structure and conserved through a cold technique, that allows them to preserve it all year long with no need for chemicals.

Also, important to note, while excellent commodity pasta dries their pasta for 3-6 hours and the bestselling specialty imported pasta dries theirs for up to 24 hours, Mancini dries theirs for 24-44 hours, at no more than 96F-131F

My first experience with this pasta was before I realized I was gluten intolerant.  This pasta made such an impact on me, that I can still remember my first bite – slightly nutty and sweet, toothsome and very satisfying. 

By respecting the land and the seed, Mancini produces the best pasta available.  Period.