Hillside Grain

Hillside Grain, Bellevue, Idaho

Brett, and her brother Justin, Stevenson of HILLSIDE GRAIN grow high-quality, clean grain and unadulterated, fresh flour.  They practice organic and sustainable farming and never treat their grains with glyphosate or other chemicals, nor use any GMO seed.  

Hillside Grain is in the Wood River Valley, just outside Sun Valley, where the land is as beautiful as it is rich.  I’ve camped there twice and both times the scenery was magical. 

And guess what?  Terroir isn’t just for wine.  Within their grain and flour, one can just about taste the clear hot summer days, cool high elevation nights, and spring-fed Silver Creek running cold. 

Their high extraction flours retain germ and bran preserving the flavor and nutritional value inherent in their clean grain.  That’s why it tastes so good.  It’s fresh and nutrient dense and why you don’t want to leave it on your shelf for 5 years, like commodity enriched flour.

Food Shed Idaho is excited to be the first retailer in the Teton Valley to carry this high-quality, clean grain and unadulterated, fresh flour.  We even drove the almost 400 miles round trip to pick-up our first order!  We love it so much that it is the only wheat flour we use in our cookies!