Lazy H Sugar Cane Cookies


High Altitude Recipe for 6,600’ - 375 F for 12 minutes.

Makes about 1.5 dozen, 1 oz cookies


2 cups   AP flour (Hillside Grain, organic)*

1 t         baking soda

½ t         salt (Redmond Real)*

1 t         ground cinnamon (Burlap & Barrel)*

1 t         ground ginger (Burlap & Barrel)*

1 t         ground cardamom (Burlap & Barrel)*


½ c        unsalted butter (Cache Meadow Creamery, raw-high fat Jersey)*

¼ c        organic cane sugar

¼ c        organic brown sugar

1/3 c     sugarcane syrup (Mt. Beasor Farm’s Lazy H kettle cooked syrup - sub molasses)*


1 ea       egg (Late Bloomer Ranch, Driggs)


¼ c        sugar for rolling dough

Mix dry ingredients and set aside.  Cream butter and sugar, add egg, incorporate dry ingredients in 3 parts.  Scoop and roll approximately 1 T batter, roll in sugar.  Freeze then bake for best results. 

*items available at Food Shed Idaho