What are your hours?  The physical "store" is open from 12-6pm daily (closed Tuesday & Wednesday), and we are a 24/7 on-line store.  Pick-ups are from 12-6 pm (closed Tuesday & Wednesday), and by appointment (sunrise to sunset). 

Should I call the store number or use the “chat” button on the website?  The “chat” button on our website is directly linked to a cell phone and is a super convenient way to reach us.  The store number is a landline which goes to a voicemail, if we are not here.

I’m here (outside of store hours), your truck is here, yet no one is answering the door.  First, try pressing the doorbell again.  Please use the “chat” button to reach out for immediate service or call the cell number on the front door.  It’s likely I am making cookies or brittle in the back kitchen. 

Can I pay cash?  Yes, and we accept credit cards too.

How long does it take to fulfill an on-line order?  It could take 2 minutes or 10 minutes, or 2 hours if cookies need to be baked off.  

Do you deliver locally?  Yes!  We deliver to Teton Valley Idaho and the Jackson area.  And, we have free delivery within a 15-mile radius!  

When can I pick-up my order?  Anytime by appointment (sunrise to sunset, generally) or from 1-6 pm daily, during normal store hours (closed Tuesday & Wednesday).

Why don’t you have cookies already baked off?  We are now offering a limited number of cookies freshly baked off each day!  We will have at least one GF version.  We love to bake cookies to order because our cookies are special, and we want you to enjoy them at their best.  Plus, the ingredients are expensive, and we don’t want to have waste.  They include local, organically grown flour, pasture raised eggs, and raw Jersey milk butter.  Our other ingredients are awesome too, like artisan bean-to-bar chocolate and small batch sugarcane syrup.  Our cookies are worth the wait.

Would Food Shed Idaho do special order cookies and candy?  Yes, if possible.  Reach out to us directly on your needs.

Do you gift wrap?  Yes.  Reach out to us on “chat” for more information.

Do you do gift baskets?  Yes!  For the moment though they are gift bags.  Or we can gift wrap.  We actively are looking for a solution that is cute and environmentally friendly. 

Do you include an invoice or packing slip with the order?  We include a packing slip only, which has no pricing on it.

Where do I put in my pick-up or shipping information?  At checkout, on the left side of the screen, before/above your credit card information.  (The “promo code” is on the same screen, to the right).

Where do I enter the “promo code”?  On right side of the same screen as the shipping information and the credit card.  Available “promo codes” are listed on the menu bar header.

Why is my order saying it can’t ship?  Because there is an item in your cart that is not shippable. 

Items – like chocolate (during warm weather), refrigerated items, the “Sig” cookie, and potato chips – that have a shipping disclaimer in their description.  These items can be ordered as a pick-up anytime, but not shipped.  You will need to take those items off your order for the shipment to be processed.  These items are too fragile and/or need cold pack insulation, which we do not have.

Why is my order saying pick-up when I wanted it shipped?  We apologize for the inconvenience.  You likely were so excited to place your order that you did not select “ship to” at checkout.  Since we offer pick-up and shipping (that includes local delivery), you need to select the option that best works for you.  For the tax to be properly calculated and collected, the best solution is for the order to be cancelled and re-done. 

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to go into the live order and make these changes for you.  We can, however, cancel the order on our end.  Just reach us thru the “chat” button.  We will respond immediately, if possible.

Why was I charged tax?  The State of Idaho charges 6% tax and our town of Victor charges 1% on groceries.  If your order is being shipped to a state without tax, it is likely the order was entered as a pick-up by mistake.  Please refer to the question above.

How do you define your restrictive diet products?  We don’t tag single ingredients like rice and nuts, but if the product has 2 or more ingredients, then we tag it. 

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Vegan (not including cane sugar, unless organic or naturally raw)

Do you offer wholesale?  Yes, at foodshedwholesale.com; it is password protected for restaurants, hotels, caterers, gift basket companies and retailers.

Thank you for shopping at Food Shed Idaho!