Fish Themed Linen Kitchen Towels by Linoroom, 2 pack

Fishes Dish Towel (France) - Each

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Splendid linen fish dishtowels will catch everyone's sight!  They will look great in a seaside house, lake cabin or in your kitchen!  If you are cooking lover, you will enjoy having these linen kitchen towels with fish prints at home.  No doubt, it could be an exciting gift for the fishing enthusiast!

A GOOD TIP: if you want your wine glasses to look crystal clean, dry them with a linen kitchen towel, and they will shine!  Linen is the best choice for kitchen use.  This 100% plant-based material has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth even in humidity, therefore it is perfect for kitchen towels that have constant contact with water.

Size:  42×60 cm / 17" × 44"  - Set of 2 towels