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Tuna Boat Unloading
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Wild Caught Tuna (Oregon) - Small Pouch - Food Shed Idaho
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Albacore Tuna Wild Caught (Oregon) - Pouch

Sea Fare Pacific/Oregon Seafoods
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This is my favorite, everyday tuna - hands down.  First, Sea Fare Pacific only fish young albacore of our West Coast - one line, one fish.  Second, I know them and have been to their relatively new fishery twice.  But also because they do something that I don't think anyone else does in the tuna business...they hand measure and pack a proportionate amount of "tuna belly" for each package.  Tuna belly is higher in fat, so it has more flavor.  Most companies sell off the tuna belly to another processor.

Tip!  Please make sure NOT to drain off the liquid!  This is the fish's natural oil and Omega 3's!  (This fish is only cooked once.  Canned fish that suggests draining is a sign the fish has been cooked twice.)  No water or oil has been added, so the natural oils of the fish will be reabsorbed when stirred.  

Contains sea salt.

Weight:  3 oz & 6 oz

All of their albacore tuna are troll caught, one at a time, off the US West Coast.  They're caught by small family owned fishing boats pulling jigs behind the boat.  The albacore bite the jigs and the fishermen pull them in.  It is the safest way to catch albacore tuna without affecting other ocean species.  They do not support fishing practices that affect and kill other fish species.

Sea Fare Pacific's tuna process can be found at the top of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch’s Super Green list as a Best Choice.  It is a highly recommended fish to eat due to its sustainability and nutritious value. 

Most of the other commercial brands of albacore tuna on the market are “twice cooked”, which causes the fish to lose most of its heart-healthy fats.  Also most are imported from Southeast Asia where the larger, older, albacore tuna are much higher in mercury and lower in omega 3′s than their younger West Coast counterparts.

At Sea Fare Pacific, they take great pride in providing the superior health benefits of Wild Pacific Albacore, while keeping the entire catch-prepare-package loop right here in the USA to support American working families.

You can also feel good knowing that our albacore tuna in a pouch is better for the environment!  It was an easy decision for them to create an unprecedented environmentally-friendly pouch for tuna when they learned that they could ensure the pouches were BPA-free, utilized less energy and resources to produce, and actually kept the tuna fresher than a can.