Whole Wheat Artisan Flour, Organic (Bellevue, ID) - 2 lb Bag

Whole Wheat Artisan Flour, Organic (Bellevue, ID) - 2 lb Bag

Hillside Grain
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New small size.

At Hillside Grain, just outside of Sun Valley, they stone mill their family grown grain to provide fresh whole wheat flour that is both delicious and nutritious. 

Their farm, at the headwaters of Silver Creek, is in premium grain growing country.  They are nestled in the Wood River Valley below the Pioneer, Boulder, and Smokey Mountains while the Sawtooths and White Clouds grace the landscape to the north.

And guess what? Terroir isn’t just for wine.  Within their grain and flour one can just about taste the clear hot summer days, cool high elevation nights, and spring-fed Silver Creek running cold.   They are committed to growing all natural, clean grain.  And, they practice organic and sustainable farming and never treat their grains with glyphosate or other chemicals, nor do they use any GMO seed.

They do not use any additives, enrichment, bleach, or bromate.  Instead, they retain germ and bran—the best stuff for flavor and nutritional value.  Because Hillside Grain has not removed all of the germ and bran, they consider their flour semi-perishable, so keep in a cool, dry place.  Freshness and purity is fundamental to our flour.  And the added bonus is that fresh tastes fantastic!  

No Glyphosate


No Additives

No Enrichment

No Bleach

No Bromate

Weight:  900 g / 2 lb