Ortiz Tuna Reserva de Familia

White Tuna in Olive Oil "Family Reserva" (Spain) - Silver Box, Oval Tin

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This Bonito del Norte has been caught using pole and line in the Bay of Biscay, in the Basque region of Spain.  Then processed by-hand with care and aged over time.  

In Ortiz’s search for excellence, this traditional Bonito del Norte is aged an additional year in their cellars before shipping to market.  The smoothness and flavor of Bonito del Norte in extra virgin olive oil improves over a period of months, meaning that tuna that has matured for a year is better tasting than one that hasn’t. Put a few tins away in the pantry.

Toss this tuna with a mix of olives, cherry tomatoes and celery dressed and a splash
of sherry vinegar for a proper tuna salad.

Ingredients:  white tuna, olive oil, sea salt.

Weight:  82 g / 2.89 oz