D'artagnan Veal Demi Glace Tub

Veal Demi Glace (Frozen) - Tub

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D'artagnan's veal demi-glace is made all-naturally with a traditional recipe using humanely raised veal bones, aromatic vegetables, water, and wine, then slow cooked for hours to concentrate the flavors.

Demi-glace adds body and richness to sauces and is a freezer staple for both pro chefs and home cooks.  Clean label - no starches, colors, or artificial additives!  Mix one container of demi with 2 cups water in place of beef, lamb, or veal stock in your favorite recipe.  Sold refrigerated and freezes beautifully.

Ingredients:  concentrated stock from veal bones, red wine, celery, onions, carrots, tomato paste, garlic, spices

Weight:  198 g / 7 oz