Six Sided Glass Jar of Senape Hot Mustard from Dario Cecchini

Sweet Mustard aka Senape (Italy) - Large Jar

Dario Cecchini
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From the most famous butcher in Italy (and possibly the world), we bring you Dario Cecchini's Senape!  Located in Tuscany and known by his red clogs, Dario is known, loved and respected by his peers as well as customers world-wide.

This "senape" or mustard is a little sweet and a little heat.  

His wife Kim, was raised in an American family with Danish heritage.  This is her great-grandmother’s recipe, all raw ingredients.

It is common belief that mustard was cultivated for the first time in India in 3000 BC and was eventually exported to the West; it was well known by ancient Romans, who used it for the preparation of many dishes and for healing.

Dario's mustard goes well with beef or pork dishes, burgers, roasted or boiled meats, ham, broken hearts and burns.

Store at room temperature.  Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Ingredients:  flour type 00 (wheat), sugar, apple cider vinegar, mustard powder, sea salt.

Weight:  220 g / 7.85 oz