Sparkling Mineral Water (Laio, Italy) - Glass Large

Sparkling Mineral Water (Laio, Italy) - Glass Large

Acqua Filette
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Filette, one of the purest mineral waters in the world, clear springs from the source of Guarcino to 900 meters high above sea level, in the green and unspoiled setting of the mountains of Lazio.

Served in Michelin starred restaurants in Italy and through out Europe.  Exceptional, lightly sparkling water.  Not widely available in the US.

The absence of arsenic, the almost total absence of nitrates, low in sodium and the residue perfectly balanced make Filette precious water for health and particularly suitable for everyday use.   It is ideal to accompany abbinarsi best wines and the most delicious food.

The real luxury is to enjoy the always quality, even at home!  Available in the valuable glass bottle, or the new aluminum bottle plastic 100% free.

Ingredients:  water, CO2 carbination

Weight:  750 ml  / 23.5 fl oz