Sparkling Mineral Water (Tuscany, Italy) - Glass, Red Label

Sparkling Mineral Water (Tuscany, Italy) - Glass, Red Label

Acqua San Felice
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Acqua di Toscana, a natural spring water from Tuscany, flows in underwater streams through sandstone that is local to the Apennine mountains.  This water is bottled at the source to retain its unique mineral composition and it is naturally low in sodium.  The carbon dioxide used to make this Sparkling Mineral water is naturally derived rather than synthetically produced and gives the water a delicate carbonation.

This water is perfect for accompanying strongly flavoured food and structured wines, leaving a wonderful finish.

The beautiful glass bottle is 100% recyclable glass!

NOTE:  Carbon Dioxide used for make Sparkling Acqua San Felice is natural, not produced by industrial synthesis processes.  It comes from underground in liquid state, at very low temperature. It becomes gas through a heat exchange system that uses area and doesn’t need electric energy or other kind of pump.  Acqua San Felice uses Carbon Dioxide that not only is part of a natural cycle but also gives to the water delicate taste that makes it extremely pleasant and particularly tasty.

Ingredients:  mineral water, CO2 carbination

Weight:  750 ml  / 23.5 fl oz