Stappj Red Bitter Soda 100 ml
Stappj Red Bitter Soda 100 ml Style
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Soda Stappi Bitter Red (Italy) - Bottle

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Stappj Red Bitter is the basis of the most famous and widespread cocktails such as Negroni, Americano and Sbagliato.  It's bitter, spicy and aromatic...and non-alcoholic.  And, one small bottle will easily do several cocktails or spritzers.

They only use completely natural extracts of bitter herbs and aromatic plants, and Italian sparkling mineral water from Molisia. 

Stappi was born in the 1980s but its roots are much deeper.  The legendary gaseous Stappi, conceived in 1896 by Filippo Di Lorio inspired by ancient family recipes, represents the point of origin of this story.  For years the bottles were blown by hand and, before giving it a definitive shape, a marble was inserted inside to preserve its freshness.  At the opening, the marble caused the characteristic noise at the origin of the name "Stappi".  Many children broke the bottles on purpose to retrieve marbles.  Later and until the late 1970s, "the uncorking" of the marble was replaced with a cap.   

Ingredients:  water, sugar, carbon dioxide, natural flavors, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: sodium benzonate, colors FD & C Red #40

Weight:  100 ml / 3 fl oz