Package of Sliced Iberico Bellota Acorn Fed 48 Mos Prosciutto (Spain)

Sliced Jamon Iberico 100% Bellota Acorn Fed 48 Months by Finca Helechal - (Spain)

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What are you waiting for?  This is it.  The Holey Grail of prosciutto!

100% Acorn Fed Iberico Pata Negra Jamon.  Cured for 48 months using artisanal methods, then sliced.  Intense aroma, smooth flavor, reddish color and incomparable texture.  

Make sure to run the plastic package under warm water for at least 10 seconds, and more if in a cold climate as the slices are thin and not separated by paper.  Instructions on back of package.

Origin:  Salamanca, Spain

Ingredients:  100% Iberico pork acorn-fed ham, salt

Weight:  57 g / 2 oz