Kraft envelope with clear window showing sliced Iberico cured ham from Finca Helechal by Fermin.

Sliced Jamon Iberico 24 Months by Finca Helechal - (Spain)

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Iberico Pata Negra Jamon, aged for at least 24 months, then sliced.  Intense Aroma, smooth flavor, reddish color and incomparable texture.

The texture and aroma of Finca Helechal Iberico products are a result of a slow curing process in a unique environment.  This 50% Iberico ham is the result of a cross bred between 100% Iberico with 100% Duroc pig to offer a more affordable, lower fat content pig for everyday use.  Fed on a diet of grains, these products have a strong visual marbling and subtle flavor that are a result of generations of practice artisan production methods.

Origin:  Salamanca, Spain

Ingredients:  Iberico pork ham, salt, sugar, trisodium citrate, potassium nitrate

Weight:  57 g / 2 oz