Smoking Goose nitrate free artisan Stagberry salame made with elk and blueberries (Indianapolis, Indiana).

Salami Stagberry (Indiana) - Shelf Stable

Smoking Goose
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Elk and a little pork for texture with dried blueberries macerated under New Day craft's dry mead.  What's in a name? elk + blueberry = stagberry.

Pair with nuts under honey and bright goat cheeses plus beets, maple syrup, winter squashes, and more.

Slow cured without compound nitrates or sulfites!

Ingredients:  elk shoulder, pork shoulder, pork fat, dry mead (honey wine), sea salt, dried blueberries, spices (garlic, black pepper), dextrose, honey, water, vegetable powder (celery juice, sea salt), lactic acid starter culture, natural beef casing 

Weight:  170 g / 6 oz