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Tomato Bruschetta Spread in 2 Sizes

Tomato Bruschetta Spread (Italy)

De Carlo
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Simply, this Tomato Bruschetta Spread a great starter for a puttanesca sauce - just add olives and anchovies!   This tasty "red passion" cream (contains no diary), born of a fondness for cherry tomatoes, is produced with an exclusive De Carlo family recipe using high-quality ingredients and, of course, their extra virgin olive oil.  Tasty and unique, it's also perfect just spread on a bruschetta.

Ingredients:  dried cherry tomatoes 60%, De Carlo extra virgin olive oil 35%, capers 3%, sea salt, garlic, chili, white wine vinegar.

Weight:  100 g / 3.57 oz or 500 g / 1.1 lb