Acetaia San Giacomo Italy Red Wine Vinegar 6 Year Reserva Italy

Raw Red Wine Vinegar Aged 6 Years in Oak, Organic (Italy) - Bottle

San Giacomo
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Unique artisanal vinegar from very slow spontaneous acetification of high quality red wine, neither diluted nor pasteurized, subsequently aged for at least 6 years in oak barrels.

The great aromatic complexity makes it a world-class vinegar, with aromas that recall wood and brandy; the intense notes of oxidation, almost earthy, are strongly reminiscent of oxidized wines such as Marsala and Madeira.

Excellent with mushrooms or to dilute pasta with a plain and rather fatty sauce.

A vinegar used by great chefs, such as Niko Romito (Ristorante Reale, 3 Michelin stars), also to make sweets and desserts for its oxidized and almost biscuity notes.

This doesn't mean it has a "sweet" part, far from it; like all raw vinegars from Acetaia San Giacomo, they are not diluted with water and characterized by great aromatic acidity.

Pure and fragrant, never diluted with water.  Made with local, single varietal grapes.  Acidity 8.6%.

Ingredients:  organic grapes

Weight:  250 ml / 8.8 oz