Naturally fermented raw organic beer vinegar from San Giacomo, Italy.

Raw Craft Malt Beer Vinegar, Organic (Italy) - Bottle

San Giacomo
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Made from the must of Italian Craft Beer, this is a very special, small production, malt vinegar. Unusual for their tradition but so popular as a sour for daily use in Anglo-Saxon countries.  The ancient method of acetification amplifies the aroma of malts, citrus fruits and spices of the starting beer.  In addition to carrying the bitter / bittering part of the hops present in beer (and which differentiates it from a simple malt vinegar)

It's made by the static-surface method, the only true, very slow traditional method, respects the raw material, the fruit of the work of great Italian wine growers.  Through the effect of oxygen, their wines are transformed into vinegars with unique aromatic characteristics that reflect the grapes they are made from, the territory and the work of the wine grower.

Pure and fragrant, never diluted with water.  Made with local hops.  Acidity 5%.

Ingredients:  organic hops

Weight:  250 ml / 8.8 oz