Beautiful tin of Santo Domingo Pimenton de la Vera Picante

Pimentón de La Vera, Hot Smoked (Spain) - Tin

Santo Domingo
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This is the best Pimentón de La Vera I have ever had.  The color, fragrance, and taste separate them from the rest.  Plus, the tin a really beautiful.

Hand-selected peppers are dried over smoldering embers then ground into a velvety-powder, the result is the most intense color and smoked flavor available from any gourmet spice!

When the sun-ripened peppers are picked in the La Vera Valley, they are slowly bathed in oak-wood smoke for 15 days.  The patient farmers carefully turn each pepper every 24 hours to ensure even drying.  The lofting plumes of smoke and gentle heat magically transform these bright red peppers into something much deeper and more complex.  The result is a deep red velvety powder with an aroma that is without compare and a flavor that is truly an inspiration for Spanish cooking.

Ingredients:  capiscum annum and subspecies cerasiforme and longum peppers (without additives or preservatives)

Weight:  75 g / 2.6 oz