Pappardelle Hand-Made Dried Pasta Box
Pappardelle Hand-Made Dried Pasta Serving
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Pappardelle Hand-Made Dried Pasta (Italy)

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Caponi's Pappardelle pasta dough is made of the highest quality Italian durum wheat semolina and Italian fresh barn eggs. 

It's mixed at room temperature and then passed to another machine, called grinding machine, where it is compressed until the right consistency to go then to the sheeters. The dough is rolled at room temperature, then passed to the cutters.  Each step of the sheeter is manually followed with 12-14 repetitions and the thickness of each sheet change depending on the type of pasta produced.  The thickness of the sheet is measured manually how it’s used once, to ensure to each product his own characteristic.  

The pasta is then cut by hand and placed on the drying frames.  The drying also is carried out at room temperature for about 48 hours.  Once the pasta comes out of the dryers, it has to rest for a certain period of time which varies from product to product and weather conditions.

The production of our pasta, from the dough to packaging, is meticulously followed, manually step by step, to take care of every detail of making Caponi Pasta an artisanal processing made almost entirely by hand.

Additionally, because the pasta is a laminate process at room temperature, its processing cycle doesn’t undergo thermal variations.  This permits to them NOT to alter the organoleptic quality of raw materials.  Their process of working ensures the preservation of the protein of eggs and flour of carbohydrates to maintain the elasticity, porosity and flavor to the highest level.  


Weight:  250 g / 8.8 oz