Mieli Thun Piugoloso Acacia Honey and Mixed Nuts

Italian Nuts in Honey aka Piugoloso (Italy) - Jar

Mieli Thun
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Aka "Piugoloso", a combination of hazelnuts, walnut halves and unpeeled almonds and acacia honey.  This is the perfect cheese board accompaniment and especially wonderful over yogurt or soft cheese.

Honey and nuts have been a classic combination in nougat for centuries in Italy, Spain and France, though originally from Arabia.

Inspired by the nougat of Campania, in and around Cremona, Sardinia, this combination of beautifully clear acacia honey and the best shelled nuts, which are then sorted by hand (imperfections discarded), then put in jars and carefully covered in Mieli Thun's light and delicate raw acacia honey.

Ingredients:  Italian honey (61%), nuts (39%:  walnuts 13%, hazelnuts 13%, almonds 13%) 

Weight:  125 g / 4.47 oz