Cluizel 43% Milk Chocolate Z Karamel France

43% Milk Caramel Chocolate "Z Karamel" Chips (France) - 8 oz Bag Repacked From Bulk

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New!  This is a very unique couverture.  Suspended in the large milk chocolate drops are tiny hard caramel bits, almost like salt crystals.  It's intensely creamy and has no added flavors.  This will be your favorite new milk chocolate.  Only from Cluizel; only available in bulk format.

We use this new chocolate in our house-made Salted Milk Chocolate Caramel and Marcona cookies!

These caramel pieces give the chocolate its delicate crunch. Notes of clotted cream and sugary sweet notes characterize this chocolate.  For an authentic taste, no flavorings have been added to this chocolate. It is perfect for making bars and molding.

Ingredients:  sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, salt, emulsifier-rapeseed lecithin, Bourbon vanilla pod

Weight:  225 g / 8 oz repack from bulk