Local Heritage Ground PRIMAL Pork (Frozen) - 1 lb

Local Heritage Ground PRIMAL Pork (Frozen) - 1 lb

Late Bloomer Ranch
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NEW!!!  Have you ever dreamed of a food that was as good for your health, as it is delicious?

Enter: Primal Ground Pork from Late Bloomer Ranch.  Their primal ground pork is 90% classic ground pork, and 10% a blend of our pork liver, kidney, and heart.

The end result is just as delicious as our Jill of All Trades, but with a powerful nutritional boost.  Use it to make sausage at home, enhance your favorite burger, or put together an epic pasta sauce.

Late Bloomer Ranch produces premium quality pork, raised on organic pasture and local, glyphosate-free feed.  Their pigs are outdoors, year-round, exhibiting all of their “pigness” and reveling in it.  Experience the difference of eating meat bred for flavor and nutrition, with the added benefits of being pasture-raised, and corn-and-soy-free!

Compared to conventional pork, pastured pork has 2.4x Omega 3 fatty acids, 60% lower Omega 6 fatty acids, 8% higher protein, and twice the vitamin E.  Late Bloomer Ranch pork tastes, and feels, different— try it for yourself.

Ingredients:  1 lb of ground pork, with 10% organs mixed in (a mix of pork liver, pork kidney, and pork heart) 

Weight:  1 lb minimum per pack, billed for 1 lb