Hazelnut Cream Honey aka Piunocciocream by Mieli Thun
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Hazelnut Cream Honey aka Piunocciocream (Italy) - Jar

Mieli Thun
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This is my favorite of all the Mieli Thun honeys because it is so unique...and delicious!  It tastes like a liquid Sugar Daddy...but so much healthier.

"Piunocciocream", or more easily called hazelnut cream honey, is made with raw Acacia honey and prime piedmont hazelnuts (variety: tonda gentile delle langhe), a name that immediately brings to mind the most aristocratic of Italian pastry schools.  An IGP hazelnut with a full, meaty pulp and a particularly intense taste.  They favor a medium toasting, since it only takes a few more seconds to deliver more taste and persistence to the palate.  Just two ingredients, but both noble: Italian acacia honey and medium-roasted IGP piedmont hazelnut paste from Pariani.

Recommended on crepes, to sweeten coffee, or more simply on a slice of bread at breakfast: finger-licking good!  So unique and healthy.

In the kitchen, it's used in pastry fillings and garnishes. Excellent filling for natural croissants, to emulsify egg yolks for preparing zelten, a trento dish, or added at the very end to risotto with taleggio cheese.

Ingredients:  Italian honey, hazelnut paste


Weight:  150 g / 5.35 oz