Guindillas Basque Pickled Green Pepper

Guindillas, Basque Peppers in Vinegar Brine (La Rioja, Spain) - jar

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These delicious green peppers, known as "guindillas," are popular in Spain's Basque region. They are preserved in wine vinegar, giving them their pickled flavor with a slight kick of heat.  But not so fiery.  It’s the perfect flavor combo to bring a unique flavor to pintxos (skewered bites), and other Spanish dishes. 

We love these Basque peppers when building a gilda!  Named after Rita Hayworth's character, Gilda, a gilda is a typical basque pintxo that is comprised of a guindilla pepper, white anchovy, anchovy and olive.  Make one at your next pintxo party! 

Ingredients:  peppers, water, salt, vinegar, acidulant (E-260) and antioxidant (E-223 (sulfites))

Weight:  340 g / 12.14 oz