Le Guerandais Grey Salt Bag
Grey Salt (France) - bag
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Grey Salt (France) - bag

Le Guerandais
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This traditional French sea salt (Gros Sel) is naturally grey and is unwashed, unrefined and additive free.

Rich in magnesium and trace elements, Le Guerandais coarse grey salt offers is versatile for all your cooking and especially roasting.  It is crunchy and delicious.

From the same salt pans in Guerande as fleur de sel this salt has been allowed to go to full crystal.  It then sinks to the bottom where it comes into contact with the grey clay at the bottom of the pan.  Raked to the surface the salt does not undergo any sort of refinement.  This is as salt was thousands of years ago.   

Excellent salt, great value too!

Weight:  800 g / 28.57 oz bag &  4 oz bulk repack