Pretty Blue Box with Swiss Girls in colorful dresses on the left and right side.  Oval embossed bar of soap next to box.  White background.

Eggwhite & Chamomile Flower Facial Bar Soap (Belgium)

Eiwel Zeep
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I am in LOVE with this soap!  Raise the bar on your current skincare routine, and say hello to the BEST 5 Minute Facial on the planet with Eiwit Zeep's Eggwhite Facial Soap!!!

If you haven't tried this product, it's time to get your #eggwhiteon!  Not now, but RIGHT now.  This amazing soap washes off dirt & makeup while gently removing everyday impurities and delivering oh-so soft, glowing skin.  Sensitive, acne prone, dry, oily, and combination skin types are all welcome- we've got you covered!

How to use it:  Just add water to work up a protein-rich eggwhite foam!  Rub the lather generously on face and neck.  Leave mask on for 5-10 minutes.  Rinse with luke warm water & pat dry.  Can be used daily to replace expensive, overly-drying facial cleansers.  If using in shower, works great on décolletage, shoulders & back too!

What it does:

• removes everyday impurities
• purifies and tightens pores
• restores youthful glow
• softens and soothes redness
• keeps breakouts at bay

Added bonus: use this soap to clean your makeup brushes once a week- results are uh-maze-ing.

Key Ingredients: natural vegetable base, water, eggwhite powder, chamomile flowers, and sweet almond oil.  What does it smells like?  Subtle, intoxicating scent, clean, natural florals with a hint of warmth and sweetness.

And the box is adorable too!

Weight:  64 g / 2.25 oz