De Carlo Eggplant in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Eggplant aka Aubergine in EVOO (Italy) - Jar

De Carlo
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Not what you would expect, in a good way!  De Carlo's eggplant is slightly firm, though cooked and preserved with their own Classico extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, herbs and spices.  The shape is about 2" long and a 1/4" thick, flat.  It's a little chewy too.  Excellent in sandwiches or toss in pasta.  It has a refreshing pickled like taste.

This is a typical side-dish of the Apulian table and an authentic expression of peasant tradition.  De Carlo aubergines come from their family farm and are grown organically.  Low in calories yet rich in flavor, they are the summer vegetable that stimulate the kidneys, reduce cholesterol and bring health benefits to the entire body.  De Carlo's vegetable preserves are packed within 24 hours of vegetable picking

Perfect for any type of diet, one can’t do without them at table and in the kitchens of southern Italy.  It's also a delicious and tasty appetizer and ideal for livening up bruschetta or homemade bread, in sandwiches, in salads as well as a side for meat or fish.  

Grown organically.

Ingredients:  eggplant (64%), De Carlo extra virgin olive oil (34%), garlic, chili, oregano, salt, white wine vinegar.  Acidity regulator:  citric acid.  

Weight:  200 g / 7.14 oz