Cluizel 73% Vila Gracinda Dark Chocolate Bar, Single Plantation

Dark 73% "Vila Gracinda", Single Plantation Sao Tomé, Chocolate Bar (France)

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This artisan dark chocolate bar from Single Estate Vila Gracinda Plantation offers 73% cocoa.  This premium dark chocolate reveals accents of unique volcanic and marine notes with spicy and herbaceous tropical fruits and licorice sticks.

In Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea, Sao Tomé is a small island on the line of the equator.  Its volcanic soil and its equatorial climate are so suitable for cocoa trees that Sao Tome is nicknamed "the island of chocolate".  The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean gives the beans from the Vila Gracinda Plantation a hint of iodine deposited by the sea spray.

There is a QR code on the back which connects to a short video story of this chocolate, making enjoying this incredible chocolate even more special.  TASTING NOTES: toasted cocoa, soft exotic fruits, dried fruit.  2021 Academy of Chocolate "Bronze" Award winner.

Ingredients:  cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter

Weight:  70 g / 2.5 oz