Despana Chistorra Chorizo Retail Pack.

Chistorra Chorizo (USA) - Retail Pack

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Thin Spanish-style sausage, typical of the regions of Navarra, Aragon and the Basque Country.  Despaña Brand Chistorra is made with pork, Pimentón De La Vera picante, and a blend of spices which gives it a complex flavor profile.  It has a natural skin casing and is a bit spicier than our traditional sausage due to its higher concentration of pimentón. 

It's absolutely perfect for grilling and adding to sandwiches.  We also love it with egg and potato dishes like "huevos rotos con chistorra." 

This not too spicy sausage if fully-cooked and makes a great snack or addition to any charcuterie plate.

Ingredients:  pork, water, paprika, nonfat dry milk, salt, wine, sugar, garlic powder, spices, sodium nitrite.  Encased in sheep casing.

Weight:  340 g / 12 oz