D'artagnan Green Circle, all natural, air chilled, chicken thighs bone in.

Chicken Thigh Bone-In "Green Circle" Free-Range, Air-Chilled (USA) - Frozen

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$7.99 lb, weights vary.  Available for local orders only.

D'artagnan's exclusive Green Circle™ chicken is the latest in poultry.  The search for a perfect chicken took us back to the old days when poultry lived on vegetable scraps and roamed freely around farmyards.  Their program replicates that tradition, and these certified humane chickens are treated and fed well, from start to finish.  Now that is chicken as it should be.  Antibiotic free, Certified Humane, Air-Chilled, and Free-Range.

Ingredients:  chicken

Weight:  approx 1-1.25 lb pack (catch weight)