La Fabbrica Della IGP Long Caserecce Pasta from Italy

Caserecce Long IGP Dried Pasta (Italy)

La Fabbrica Della
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Casarecce literally translates to "homemade" and is a lightly twisted, scroll-shaped pasta with narrow grooves down the middle, perfect for capturing sauces.  Try it with summery, delicate recipes such as Sicilian pistachio pesto or a a fresh sauce of ricotta, tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil.

This pasta is certified PGI, or “Protected Geographic Indication” as a typical pasta from Gragnano. Pasta from Gragnano, a small hill town located outside of Naples, is extremely different than ordinary pasta. It may be because of the sea air, mountain breezes or traditional methods used, but the pasta from this area is nuttier in flavor and has more texture than normal pasta.

La Fabbrica della Pasta has remained at the top of the twelve remaining pasta makers in the region (down from the original 300) and became the very first pasta factory in the world to obtain IGP (Protected Geographical Origin) certification for its pasta. They are also the first pasta factory in Gragnano to make a strictly bronze drawn artisanal Gluten Free Pasta!

In their own words… “A Gragnano pasta production is an ancient art, historical heritage, culture, traditions and secrets. To be born and to live means to be filled in Gragnano, intoxicated by the exciting flavors and scents of durum wheat semolina, pasta, and the result … like magic … you can not do without! Although we have not been able to resist the magic …. of exciting flavors and scents of Gragnano!”

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water

Weight: 500 g / 1.1 lb