White Wine, Turbiana 2021, DOC Lugana (Italy) - Bottle

White Wine, Turbiana 2021, DOC Lugana (Italy) - Bottle

Ca 'dei Frati
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Light, bright, and minerally!

Ca’ dei Frati was founded in 1939 when patriarch Felice Dal Cero settled in Sirmione (Brescia province) on the Lombardy region side of the Lugana appellation.  It’s called Ca’ dei Frati or “friar house,” because it was once owned by monks who grew grapes there.

Soil types play a fundamental role in crafting Ca’ dei Frati’s fresh, minerality-driven wines.   Lake Garda was created during the Eocene era, some 35 million years ago, by a melting glacier.  As the melting ice flowed south from what we now call the Italian Alps, it also brought with its glacial detritus.

Today, these rocky and pebbly “morainic” soils are ideal for the production of fine wine. Because the roots of the vines have to work harder to find the water table in the well-drained soils, their fruit production becomes more vigorous.  As a result, the grape berries are richer in aroma and flavor, with more complexity and depth.

Today the winery manages 200 hectares planted to vine, accounting for 10 percent of the Lugana DOC.  

This is the jewel in the crown, the wine that got them known and continues to be the image of the company.  A direct thread can be traced back to its variety, the Turbiana, our native vine. Intended to be consumed as a vintage, it expresses the best of itself many years after bottling.  When young, it is fresh, linear and furnished with great sophistication and elegance with delicate hints of white balsamic flowers, traces of apricot and almond.  Time enables it to evolve, allowing the mineral notes to be expressed with greater determination, thereby acquiring its complexity with traces of iodates, spices and candied fruit. In the mouth, it is capable of enveloping the whole palate thanks to a significant savoury essence, accompanied by strong, exuberant acidity.  When young, a serving temperature of around 10 degrees C is preferable, with cold or warm – but delicate – starters and to accompany fish dishes, boiled, steamed or grilled.

Ingredients:  100% Turbiana grapes | 13% alcohol

Weight:  750 ml