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"Balsamela" Apple Balsamic Vinegar Organic (Italy) - Bottle

San Giacomo
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Balsamela by Acetaia San Giacomo is a reduced and aged, thick and syrupy apple balsamic. 100% organic apple juice which is cooked and acetified.  Perfect with custard or vanilla ice cream, panna cotta, fresh cheese, pork ribs, white meats and fruit salads.

For those families, especially mountain families, for whom grapes were a raw material difficult to grow and therefore expensive, apple was a valid alternative.  The fresh juice was cooked and reduced by slow evaporation and, in some villages of the Reggiane and Modenesi hills, it was started to fermentation, acetification and subsequent aging just like for traditional Balsamic.  San Giacomo has rediscovered this ancient product that, unlike the Traditional one, is not aged in wood so to keep the aromas of cooked apple fresh and fragrant.

Acidity approximately 4.5% (+/- 0.5%).

Ingredients:  organic concentrated and cooked apple juice, organic apple vinegar

Weight:  100 ml / 3.57 oz & 750 ml / 25.36 fl oz