De Carlo Natural Baby Artichokes in EVOO

Artichokes Whole Natural in EVOO (Italy) - Jar

De Carlo
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Special order item, limited supply.  Not your typical jarred baby artichoke!  These small, dense artichokes are what you have been dreaming of! 

Yes, De Carlo's Whole Natural Artichokes cost more.  But, once you try them you will understand why; I bet you will never buy the marinated artichokes in the small jar from your traditional grocer again.  These are that good!  First the jar is packed (packed!) within 24 hours from artichokes grown on De Carlo's farm, within the olive groves.  Then the jar is filled with their "Classico" extra virgin olive oil, a little garlic, salt and a small amount of white wine vinegar, as an acidity regulator - make sure to enjoy that as well.

I like them thinly sliced (saute for crispy love) and tossed in pasta, but you can also quarter them and enjoy on their own.  Perfect for use on pizza, sandwiches, starters or to accompany meat or fish.  This distinctive fresh artichoke also makes it suitable for use in risotto, pasta and pasta sauces, or even fried like fresh artichokes.  Firm and flavorful.  The "Violetto di Brindisi" is a typical artichoke from Puglia.  Its name derives from its purple leaves.

Typical side-dish of the Apulian table and an authentic expression of peasant tradition.  De Carlo's vegetable preserves are packed within 24 hours of vegetable picking in their own extra virgin olive oil and produced with a very low percentage of vinegar.

Grown organically.

Ingredients:  70% baby artichokes, 28% De Carlo extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and white wine vinegar.

Weight:  200 g / 7.14 oz (approx 10 per jar)