Sour Cherry "Amarene" Extra Preserves  (Italy) - Jar

Sour Cherry "Amarene" Extra Preserves (Italy) - Jar

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Agrimontana Cherry Preserves contain cherries, cane sugar, and lemon juice.  This confettura is thick, juicy, and tastes purely of fruit.  A perfect spread on toast or biscuits, these preserves are also delightful on ice cream or yogurt.

These preserves, made according to our traditional recipe, contain only top-grade Italian fruit picked at the proper ripeness, and no additives whatsoever.  Like all Agrimontana products, our preserves contain only the amount of sugar necessary to naturally preserve and fix the flavors, while pectins, when added, are used with the sole purpose of improving oven resistance, and are obtained from apples and citric fruits.  Ther jars are filled with hot preserves, which are then rapidly cooled.

Ingredients:  cherries 85%, cane sugar, lemon juice  

Weight:  350 g / 12.34 oz