Cluizel Chocolate Pommes France
Cluizel Chocolate Potatoes and Bag
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Crunchy Praline Filled, White Chocolate Coated Potatoes (France) - Bag

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Exclusive!  Staff pick!  "Pomme de Terre Nouvelles":  adorable brown paper potato sack filled with chocolate coated praline bonbons made to look like potatoes!  How cute is that?  These are white chocolate covered chocolate praline truffles.  No artificial colors or flavors.  This is a true delicacy of Cluizel, and why we love them so much.  Fun and delicious.  

Exceptional as a gift for the chocolate or potato lover!  Or even a splurge for yourself.  This delightful treat is rarely available in the US, and only available to us as a special order; but because Food Shed Idaho is the middle of Idaho potato country, we thought it would be fun to carry these!

The brown paper bag is foil lined to ensure freshness.

Ingredients:  sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa, whole milk powder, almond, wafer (wheat flour, sugar, concentrated butter, skim milk powder, barley malt, salt), hazelnut, ingredients for coloring (safflower, lemon), emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), cocoa powder, Bourbon vanilla pod.

Weight:  110 grams / 3.92 oz - 10 pieces | Gross Weight:  120 grams / 4.28 oz with bag