De Carlo Green Olive Cream in Glass Jar, with White Background

Green Olive Spread With Citrus (Italy) - Jar

De Carlo
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Refreshingly different.  De Carlo's Green Olive Spread has a wonderful surprise - wild citrus peel!  A cleaver and subtle way to brighten up an appetizer or entree.  It's also perfect in a salad dressing, thanks to its floral aftertaste.  Created to add that finishing touch to appetizers, pasta, pizza and more. 

Typical side-dish of the Apulian table and an authentic expression of peasant tradition,  packaged within 24 hours of vegetable picking.  

Grown organically.

Ingredients:  olives 86%, De Carlo extra virgin olive oil and wild citrus peel 2%, salt, citric acid (regulator).

Weight:  100 g / 3.57 oz