De Carlo tomato bruschetta cream,

Cherry Tomato Pomodorini Spread (Italy) - Jar

De Carlo
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At first taste, this rich, smooth and creamy tomato bruschetta spread is a little salty.  I like to use it as a tomato sauce as it coats every crevice of the noodle (don't add salt to your pasta water in that case).  It's also a wonderful spread to put on roasted fish!

You can add anchovies and olives to make a Puttanesca.  Or use it as our Vodka sauce base!  Cream will only make it more luxurious.  OMG it's delicious and versatile!

This pomodorini spread aka "red passion" or "bruschetta" cream (contains no diary) and was born out of a fondness for cherry tomatoes, is produced with an exclusive De Carlo family recipe using high-quality ingredients and, of course, their extra virgin olive oil.  Tasty and unique, it's also perfect just spread on a bruschetta with some soft goat or triple cream cheese.

Basically, it's a thick, intense, creamy version of their Sun Kissed Tomatoes, but with capers.  It's so yummy, and one of my new favorite items.

Ingredients:  dried cherry tomatoes 60%, De Carlo extra virgin olive oil 35%, capers 3%, sea salt, garlic, chili, white wine vinegar.

Weight:  110 g / 3.9 oz or 550 g / 19.6 oz