Sabadi Bergamot Italian Beverage Mixer Sicily

Bergamot Beverage Mix "Bergamotto Bibita Madre" Organic (Italy) - Bottle

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Staff pick!  Make your own sparking, very unique, bergamot lemonade.  This clean, slightly bitter and sweet beverage is your new thirst-quencher!  Made simply with citrus juice and sugar.  A completely natural DIY carbonated drink (or granita), less sweet, delicious!

Lemonade:  Just mix 3 parts sparkling water to 1 part mix.  Add to 50 ml of preparation 150 ml of carbonated water and you will get a natural and delicious bergamot drink!

Granita:  Mix 2 parts water with 1 part mix.  Freeze 12 hours, then rake with a fork.

What is bergamot?  It's a citrus fruit about the size of an orange that has a sharp, sweet, and bitter taste.  Some compare it to a floral lemon, sour orange and even a less-bitter grapefruit. 

Sabadi makes it by squeezing the citrus fruits as soon as they are harvested, in Calabria and Sicily.  One bottle will make 6+ large glasses of 200 ml refreshment!

Ingredients:  fresh squeezed bergamot juice (minimum 60%), organic cane sugar, fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Weight:  333 ml / 11.3 fl oz