Cluizel El Jardin 75% Dark Chocolate Bar, Single Estate Colombia

Dark 75% "El Jardin", Single Plantation Colombia, Chocolate Bar (France)

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This gourmet dark chocolate bar from Single Estate El Jardin offers 75% cocoa.  Premium chocolate that delivers tasting notes of honey, caramel, roasted cocoa, peppery, licorice notes, and mint.  Dark chocolate lovers will be surprised by its high cocoa and unique finish; a final minty bouquet with notes of licorice.

Located in Colombia, in the Finca El Jardin, within the plains of the Ariari River, the Plantation El Jardin extends over 20 ha.  It is protected by an exceptional luxuriant environment which gives the cocoa trees all their richness.  The name of the Plantation El Jardin evokes the region of Meta which is full of natural "gardens" of great beauty.

There is a QR code on the back which connects to a short video story of this chocolate, making enjoying this incredible chocolate even more special.

Ingredients:  cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter

Weight:  70 g / 2.5 oz