White "The Sig" GF Cookies - 1/2 dozen

White "The Sig" GF Cookies - 1/2 dozen

Food Shed Idaho
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This the white chocolate version of our orignal "The Sig".  Made with REAL white chocolate, not the fake stuff.

The texture is crumbly like shortbread, but the flavor is much more interesting.  A variation of this cookie was made for me a few years ago after I discovered that I was intolerant to gluten AND dairy.  It's primarily made with teff which I had never had before. 

I added chocolate...and not just any chocolate.  The result is a cookie so satisfying with subtle layers of flavor and a kiss of salt to give you that ying and yang of sweet and savory.  

I am addicted to this cookie and keep it frozen, even after baking.  It's yummy at room temp or right out of the freezer.

Cookie IngredientsMaskal teff flour (local), Almondipity almond butter, Michel Cluizel Elianza Ivoire 33% chocolate, maple syrup, organic refined coconut oil, Redmond Real salt, Nielsen Massey vanilla extract, Burlap & Barrel ground cinnamon.  Soy Free, Gluten Free

White Chocolate:  sugar, cocoa butter 33%, whole milk powder, rapeseed lecithin, Bourbon vanilla pod.  (Does not contain soy.)

Food Shed Idaho is a "cottage food operation" that is not subject to routine safety government food safety inspections.

Cookies baked to order.

Weight:  approx 1.4 oz each