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"The Idahoan" Oatmeal & Huckleberry Cookie from Food Shed Idaho, along with Elmhurst Almond Milk

"The Poor Idahoan" Oatmeal & Blueberry Cookies GF - 1/2 dozen

Food Shed Idaho
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Don't feel sorry for "The Poor Idahoan" cookie!  This yummy cookie is for those with a more modest budget as it's made with blueberries (instead of local huckleberries).  This is one of our signature cookies, inspired from the Classic Quaker Oats recipe, but with a few fun and delicious twists!  You won't be disappointed.  

This cookie is low FODMAP and is GF.

Ingredients:  organic oats, frozen blueberries, Beurremont 83% hi-fat Vermont butter, brown sugar (organic), Maskal teff flour (local), sugar (organic), Purely By Chance pasture eggs (local), water, Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract, Redmond Real Salt (local), baking soda.

Food Shed Idaho is a "cottage food operation" that is not subject to routine safety government food safety inspections.

Weight:  approx 1 oz each